PROTERM ANTICOR is a modern liquid insulation with high anti-corrosion properties which acts as a heat barrier.

It can guarantee the absence of corrosion and high-quality thermal insulation of the treated surface. It can be applied to any metal surface, corroded, or can be used as a primer layer to provide additional corrosion protection.

PROTERM ANTICOR is used as a rust protection for the metal constructions of residential and non-residential building as well as in coloring engineering equipment operated in aggressive environments or at temperatures up to +150°C.

PROTERM ANTICOR Specifications

● Application temperature +10°C to +100°C;

● Working temperature -60°C to +150°C;

● Color suspension – White, after applying a film is formed with a matte surface;

● Consumption of thermal insulation – 0.8-1.4 l / m2 (layer – 1 mm);

● Solvent can be water

You can buy a liquid insulation, which reliably protects the surface from rust and at the same time insulate the object, we guarantee the quality of our insulation!

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