Energy-saving coating PROTERM FRONT

The modification is designed for thermal insulation of residential buildings and structures, surfaces made of “breathable material” (concrete, brick, wood, etc.)

This coating when applied to the walls of buildings acts as a heat insulator, keeping heat in the premises; as a waterproofing, preventing the penetration of moisture into the cracks and cracks; as a façade paint, covering the walls with an even vapor-permeable layer. This modification of the PROTERM ® coating. It is designed specifically for concrete and brick surfaces, its viscous consistency is easily applied to vertical walls. A dry layer of heat insulator forms a strong polymer coating on the walls of the building.

Energy-saving coating PROTERM ® FACAD can be applied both outside and inside the premises , since the material is completely safe for human and animal health.

In addition to energy-saving properties, the PROTERM ® coating FASAD has a combination of water tightness and the completely opposite property – its polymerized surface is able to “breathe”, that is, it is vapor-permeable, like the most high-quality silicone-based facade paints.

Walls treated with energy-saving coating PROTERM ® FASAD, practically do not heat up on hot days, since the coating can reflect up to 90% of the sun’s radiation, and in the cold season, such walls conserve heat by 30-40% more than before coating.

Energy-saving coating PROTERM ® FASAD works very well in combination with PROTERM ® ANTIKOR, which is used for metal surfaces, and this combination allows you to use only three layers of coating instead of six. The first layer is applied PROTERM ®ANTICOR, then after every 24 hours, two more layers of PROTERM ®FASAD, this system allows you to halve the time for complete surface treatment and reduce costs!

Using the energy-saving coating PROTERM ® FASAD achieves several objectives:

The possibility of using coatings throughout the perimeter of the building both inside and outside;

reduction of labor, time and financial investments for repair and construction works;

preservation of the initial load on building structures;

optimization of the temperature regime inside the building;

when using an energy-saving coating from the inside of the walls, the amount of usable space of the rooms is preserved;

The possibility of applying a coating on facades with a complex design and preserving the historical appearance of buildings. Energy-saving coatings PROTERM ® can be applied with paint tools and airless sprayers.

Methods of application:

Pneumatic – pressure 1,5 – 3,5 atm;

Airless – pressure 80-120 bar, nozzle diameter (inch) – 0.013 0.015, 0.017;

Spray angle depending on the shape of the surface to be painted 20, 30, 40;

Hand – a roller (without pile, preferably velor) and a brush made of natural fibers.

When applied to the surface, a smooth wet film should be formed without omissions, streaks, shakiness and other defects.

Main parameters of use:

Applied at ambient temperature: from + 7 ° C to + 40 ° C, relative air humidity not more than 80%;

It is forbidden to paint on a damp surface and at a wind speed of more than 10 m / s;

It is applied on surfaces with temperature: from + 7 ° C to + 150 ° C, the temperature of the surface to be painted should be 5 ° C above the dew point;

Recommended thickness of one wet layer: 0.5 mm – 1.0 mm ;

Recommended interval of overlapping at t в = + 20 ° С: 24 hours;

Theoretical consumption of the material: 1,2-1,5 l / m 2 ; 0,5-0,7 kg / m 2 – with a layer thickness of 1 mm;

The main color of the coating is white, it is allowed to tint according to RAL;

The solvent is water;

After drying, the coating layer operates in the temperature range: -40 ° C to + 200 ° C;

Transportation conditions: + 7 ° C to + 40 ° C.

The PROTERM ® FACADE material should be stored in closed, ventilated areas.

The products are packaged in plastic, hermetically sealed buckets, with a volume of 5, 10 and 20 liters.

The shelf life of the prepacked material, if all conditions are met, is 12 months.

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