GRACO MARK V Pro-Connect

Devices with electric motors

This type of sprayer is most widely and successfully used for liquid heat insulation.

This sprayer is equipped with SMART CONTROL 2.0 system, which controls operating parameters.

Sprayer specifications:

Motor type: electric (220 V, 50 Hz) Motor rating: 1.65 kW

Maximum capacity: 5.5 l/min

Maximum working pressure: 230 bar

Maximum permitted pressure for application: 80 bar

Weight: 59 kg

Generator requirements: 5 kW

A 90-liter tank could be installed as additional equipment; it will allow being less distracted for a change of buckets during application.

If you use a tank, you should stir the material regularly (once in 3-5 minutes)!

*Do not exceed rotations while stirring – maximum 200 rpm.

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