Application instruction of energy saving liquid thermal insulation


PROTERM Antifire provides energy-saving thermal insulation property and protection against direct exposure to open flame. Furthermore, the surface is protected against rot, rust, mildew and fungus.

PROTERM Antifire provides reduction of propagation spread rate and slows down rise of temperature. It reduces the fire penetration depth in the material. PROTERM Antifire has low melting temperature and forms a thin protective layer which prevents access of oxygen to the burning material. Due to PROTERM Antifire absorbs large amounts of heat it protects the surface from heating to the decomposition temperature.

PROTERM Antifire turns ordinary, easily flammable material in a non-combustible

The basis of PROTERM Antifire allows decorating of the treated surface. All the properties of PROTERM Antifire (fire retardation and insulation) remain unchanged after decorative coat.The thickness of the coating for thermal insulation of the object is calculated for each case separately.

Method of application

For concrete, bricks, foam concrete blocks, foam glass block, wood:

1. Prepare the surface for the application: remove loose areas, treat the cracks, remove oily inclusions, and clean concrete from cement “milk”, use cement-plaster compositions to repair the surface.

2. Surface should be sanded, de-dusted and completely dry.

3. Open the bucket with PROTERM Antifire. Do not take out anything from the container.

IMPORTANT: Before use, stir thoroughly until smooth in the plastic container. Stirring is carried out either manually or by construction drill with a mixing attachment with a speed not exceeding 150 rpm in order not to break microsphere.

4. The first layer 0,5 mm is a primer –PROTERM Antifire diluted by 10-15 % with water. The amount of water for the next layers depends on the surface temperature and further operation. Wait for complete drying and final polymerization of the material (24 hours at a temperature of 20° C) before the next coat.

For metal surfaces: the surface should be free of rust, scale, dust. Apply primer, then apply PROTERM Antifire, air temperature should not be below 10° C. The drying time is 24 hours.

For fiberglass fabric and other surfaces: surface must be free of dust. The layer thickness is 0.5mm. Ambiance temperature should not be below 10° C. The drying time is 24 hours before the nest layer.

It meets the requirements of GOST 30244-94 “Construction materials. Test methods for flammability. ” Material refers to non-combustible materials (NG).

*Proterm Antifire works upto 150°С, after 150°С till 200°С it works as a Proterm Standard

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