Energy-saving coating PROTERM BIOCIDE
Energy-saving coating PROTERM FRONT

Application instruction of energy saving liquid thermal insulation

PROTERM FACADE BIOCIDE is designed for indoor and outdoor application to insulate BREATHABLE surfaces (concrete, brick and wood surface) that are exposed to harmful fungi, mold and small insects as it contains anti-fungal components.

After the application and complete drying the coating becomes weather resistant. If necessary, the surface can be top coated with facade paint or decorative facade coating, which does not put a significant burden on the coating.

1. Surface preparation.

The surface must be clean, dry and solid. Weak and absorbent surface must be primed.

Remove loose sections, point cracks, oily inclusions, to reduce the material consumption use cement and plaster to repair the surface.

2. Preparation of Insulating Coating

PROTERM FAÇADE BIOCIDE is ready to use. Prior to application stir up and add some distilled water as required. Splitting into fractions in the containers is possible in case of extended storage period.

3. Coating Application.

Use soft brush with long natural bristles or plaster knife to apply PROTERM on small surfaces or areas of irregular shape. Surface of 100 m2 and more can be coated by airless sprayer with air pressure up to 60-80!!! to prevent damage of microsphere.

Application conditions: surface temperature +5° C …+100°C above. Ambient temperature is +5C and above. Humidity – less than 85%. Working temperature is -60°C to + 150 ° C

Apply 1 mm layer at a time and let it dry for 24 hours (less than 85% humidity, ambient temperature +18+20°C) before next application. Avoid working in humid weather.


If drill is used, the maximum permissible agitating rate is 150 rpm.

Use vertical travel of the blade to immerse the stiffened part into liquid, switch on the drill and start to rotate the blade slowly to mix the lumps with the liquid. Keep mixing until the product becomes sour cream-like. Approximate time of mixing for the drill 4-7 minutes, for manual mixing 7-10 minutes. If condensate is supposed to be removed, the material shall be mixed with minimum amount of water and with maximum interlayer interval.

The surface affected by mold, fungus should be pre-cleaned before application and treat with antifungal solution.

Consumption: 1 l per 1 m2 to get 1 mm coating.

4. PROTERM FAÇADE BIOCIDE Handling Safety Measures

4.1 Personal Protection

The product is safe under normal conditions. No respirators are required for work in a well-ventilated premise or outdoors. Use standard respirators in a premise without ventilation. Protect eyes with chemical goggles. Ensure access to flow water for eyes washing. Use chemical protective gloves and protective clothes to protect skin.

4.2 Emergency Conditions

In case of eyes contact, immediately wash the eyes with flow water for 15 minutes. If irritation persists, consult the doctor. In case of skin contact, wash the skin with soap and water. Wash dirty clothes prior to re-use. In case of inhaling, go to open air. The product is nonflammable in liquid state. In case of burning of structures with coating applied, use water, foam, dry chemicals or carbon dioxide for firefighting. Use any absorbent material like sand, soil, etc. to remove spills of the product.

5. Storage and transportation

Shelf life is 12 months from the date of manufacture in an airtight containers under +5C till +60C, humidity 80%, far from direct sunlight.

Transportation can be provided by any means of transport between 7 and 30C far from direct sunlight. Packing should provide the right placement of the buckets and their safety. The material will be spoiled in case if the bucket is broken.

In case of noncompliance with application and storage instructions, the manufacturer shall not be liable for the quality of coating.

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