Application instruction of energy saving liquid thermal insulation


Application: in construction, reconstruction and repair of residential, civil and public buildings with operating temperatures from -60 ° C to +150 ° C. It can be used on metal as well.

Construction: indoor and outdoor, thermal insulation of building facade, roofs, floors, basements, walls, balconies, mansard and loggias of flat or cottage on concrete, brick or wood even if ambient temperature is -20! Prior to the application the repair of the entire surface should be done

Application technology

2.1 PROTERM NORD is a non-water activated system which contains a suspension of closed cell microspheres in solution of acrylic, silicone-modified resin with the addition of corrosion inhibitor plasticizers, biocides, fungicides and others. It has good vapor permeability and moisture resistance, high light fastness. PROTERM Nord has good adhesion to most surfaces, water resistant, alkali resistant, and suitable for application on various types of surfaces.

2.2 MAGNITERM Nord material is supplied ready for use in a hermetically sealed container, which must be marked with the following information:

– The name and trademark of the manufacturer;
– User Application;
– Color;
– The date of manufacture.

2.3 Splitting into fractions in the containers is possible in case of long-term storage period or transportation. Stir it up before the application.

2.4 Use ortho xylene as a thinner to get the consistency needed. Other thinners are not recommended. Since the material contains volatile, flammable solvents, it’s necessary to take into account all the requirements of fire safety while application.

2.5 To apply PROTERM NORD use airless spray or paint brushes. The thickness of the layer should not exceed 1 mm. Time of drying of one layer should be at least 8 hours. ATTENTION: time of drying can be increased in case of high humidity, reducing of the surface and ambient temperature.

2.6 The surfaces prepared for application should be dry, smooth and clean. Humidity of painted surfaces should not exceed: for plaster and brick – 5%, concrete – 4%;

2.7 air humidity while application should not exceed 85%;

2.8 It is forbidden to apply PROTERM Nord if:

– In the rain and on wet facade after the rain;

– During the snow and on wet facade after the snow;

– If hoarfrost or ice on the treated surface

2.9 We do not recommend applying the PROTERM Nord on the surface previously coated with silicate paints, primers.

2.10. Remembered that, in a liquid state PROTERM Nord poorly interacts with a surface having a high pH in spite of the high alkali resistance of the polymerized (cured) coating. That is why it is not recommended to apply the material on concrete, cement, cement-sand which have been drying less than 30 days.

2.11 Surface preparation before application: remove loose old paint by mechanical means – scrapers, spatulas, disks, and other tools.

2.12 The surface should be free of soot, dirt and dust.

2.13 All the defective areas during repair have been properly treated by «AFG” followed by degreasing solvent 649, 147, etc.

2.14 Application of the product has been made by continuous even layer, without gaps and breaks. The application of each subsequent layer is carried out after drying of the previous one.

2.15 observe the following rules while working with airless sprayer:

– The material is applied in two mutually perpendicular directions: the first layer – the movement of the spray gun in a vertical plane, the second – in a horizontal;

– Speed of gun movement should be even, 14 – 18 m / min;

-To obtain an even layer the strip of material applied should overlap the previous one by 30% of its width;

-It is necessary to pay attention to the cleanliness and alignment of nozzle holes for spraying gun, equipment integrity .

2.16 Application conditions: Application ambient temperature is from -20 ° C to +45 ° C,

Surface temperature is from -20 °C to +45 °C,

Air humidity is not more than 85%.

Working temperature -60°С till +150°С Color of the coat is white

Thinner – ortoxylene

Conditions for transportation: -40С till +40С


.1.Safety equipment while working with the product:

-Protective shoes and clothes (GOST 12.4.103-83); – Rubber gloves (GOST 20010-93);

-Cotton gloves (TU 17 RSFSR 06-7745-84);

-Protective chemical goggles to protect the eyes;


3.2 In case of skin contact remove it with hand cleaner and rinse thoroughly with water.

3.3 PROTERM Nord and solvents should be stored in closed ventilated premises explosion and fire safe.

3.4 the work with the product should be done in strict compliance with safety requirements and safety, environmental and fire safety according to:

-SNIP 12-03-2001. Safety in construction. Part 1: General requirements.

-SNIP 12-042002. Safety in construction. Part 2: Construction production.

-Occupational Safety Standards. safety education organization. General provisions.

-Occupational Safety Standards. Fire safety. General requirements.

-Occupational Safety Standards. Works of painting. General safety requirements.

-POT RM-016-2001 Cross-industry regulations on labor protection (safety) for operation of electrical equipment.

-SP 12-135-2002 Safety in construction. Industry standard for occupational safety instructions.

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